Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rinapu to graduate from ANGERME and become a soloist

ANGERME's orange girl (former yellow girl from S/mileage) Katsuta Rina aka Rinapu graduates from the group to become a soloist. She doesn't give a f- to the audience and just forgets the town name when she greets people.

But Rinapu sings like an angel. She just stands on the stage, sings and smiles. Sometimes she takes an eye-contact to the people who've bought the concert-tickets - if she remembers. Her charm is something I can't explain. There is no reason not to like her. There is no reason not to attend her future concerts.

Luckily (or unfortunately? I'd love to see her as a soloist!) this is just an imagination. But let's imagine what her concerts would be:

She rarely talks to the audience, she just says things and skips to next song.
She rarely tells jokes and if she laughs at something, it's probably because some guy in there looks stupid. If she points you, you're the lucky one. Or not.
She isn't interested in learning her fans names.

The most probably things she'd say during her solo-concert MCs:

"You guys never were my fans during my time in S/mileage - ah sorry - ANGERME. You are probably just Fukuda-san oshis. Are you wishful to see her here?"

"Someone asked my why don't I sing S/mileage - ah sorry- ANGERME covers. I didn't get much parts to sing when I was a member."

"Stop doing wotagei. It's so embarrassing."

"I think you have wrong color in your glowstick over there."

MC: Ah, question time!
Rina: Yaaay. [tries to look excited]
MC: Please name your 5 favourite songs!
Rina: [names her 5 favourite songs]
MC: Eh? No ANGERME at all?
Rina: The S/mileage - ah sorry - ANGERME songs, I... [coughs] like them. I like them all.

Rina: ANGERME Budokan is coming up on [date] [month].
Someone from the audience: We know it already haha!
Rina: Well I'm very sorry.

"I'm sure you’re already well aware, but ANGERME are having a concert in Budokan on [day] [month]."

"Stop jumping during these songs."

Q: Is there anything you'd like to change in yourself?
Rina: No.

Wota: You know, my mom also bought your CD!
Rina: okay.

Wota: Do you remember me?
Rina: No.

 "You know, there were one gay-staff. It was fun."

"Hi bald-heads! lol"

"I once wanted to be a model."

She's a demon dressed to an angel. I love her. I could listen her solo-songs every day and wish I'd have such a cute voice.

She sang Hatsukoi Cider once.
I'm not alright anymore.

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