Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Remember when...

Ah, old good times. When lines were fair to everyone (NOT.) and Tsunku made good songs... But do you remember these little things? I was searching my computer's Hello!Project-album from my ex-computer that fell down in the end of 2013 and there were a lot of things I didn't remember before I found them again.

1. From Chocolate to Honey

Haruna changed her image-color brown chocolate into honey after One•Two•Three was released around 2012 summer. It happened during 10th gen's USTREAM-show where they... ate chocolate. And Masaki ate all the time while others tried to speak something.

2. Mai Satoda and UFZS / Up Up Girls promoted Nokia
And I blogged about it with my very cool Engrish back then.

For me this was something very exciting because as a Finn I love to hear when someone foreign likes Nokia - which is (was) Finnish people pride or something.

3. Risako had black hair
I loved Rii's black hair. imo she was so hot back then. Not that she wouldn't be hot anymore, but the black hair fitted her very well. She was cute, hot and cool. Now she is fashionista, hot and beautiful.

4. Hello Pro Eggs? Who are they?
The time when they were Eggs but no one remember anyone's name. Or I didn't. I just knew someone was Karin and Fuyuka was Egg and super cute and I loved Fuyuka back then and nowadays.

I like this photo, the little shoots were taken after Egg concert by Tsunku. There weren't any video footages of Eggs and they were only back-dancers. Poor girls. That's way Kanojo ni Naritai!!! was huge thing back then.

But who are these girls and what do they do now? I made a photo with as current photos as possible, wrote their names and what has happened to them.
Oh, and they're now Hello Pro Kenshuuseis. No Eggs anymore.

5. Dream Morning Musume and Pachinko
I have to admit - I have no idea how long this thing was alive but Tsunku seemed to be serious with this... thing.
Pachinko is Japanese game where you push the buttons and here DoriMusu version you can get a chance to see e.g. The Matenrou Show ver. 0 if you get right points.
Yeah uhm they had real place where to play these Pachinko-machines.

UFP made this around September 2012 so I'm curious - is there anymore these DoriMusu Pachinkos?

6. S/mileage had their miniskirt thing
Ah, I have to say I miss this. Current S/mileage seems to be too loli for wotas so people don't like S/mileage anymore. Of course S/mileage has their own fans and people who like Hello!Project overall, but I've seen so much hate-talk in the internet about S/mileage by other idol-fans (2ch) who like idols but somehow S/mileage is... no-no. And yes, I understand them. It's weird if someone gets to know that you'r oshi is Kanon Fukuda who is at first sexy and then loli. For example.

I don't want to bash S/mileage or anything, but imo UFP should just decide are they cool girl group or cute group or something else.

7. Suugaku Joshi Gakuen
Ah, I liked the drama. It was fun and great idea though the most of girls didn't get cool roles. I mean, 10th gen, S/mileage 2nd gen (expect Meimi) and umm Aika. Did Aika have any role there? I don't remember lol.

UFP should do new season of this show. Or new one.
8. Morning Musume truck

Haha, I remember when this came on sale and ppl were like "WTF IS THAT". I'm glad UFP doesn't sell this kind of weird goods anymore.

9. Do had twintails
She was so small and loli back then. ok she is loli atm too but she isn't that small anymore. She is even taller than Ayumi!

Oh gosh I love that gif. So cute.

But wait, I have one more twintail-Do here!

10. Maachan was able to fell asleep anywhere
This doesn't need any words.
Actually I have no idea if she does this nowadays too. Maybe she drinks Redbull as Reina drinks to not to fall asleep in public? 

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