Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My first random pin ups (GETS, GETS EVERYWHERE)

So, I got my first random pin ups EVER. I've been watching for them for a while but never ordered before. Now I wanted to test my luck and I ordered 3 of them. One pin up is 500 yen, so together all of these were 1,500 yen plus taxes and shipping.

I ordered these -as well as I usual order my goods- from U/F Online where my friend used to do group-orders. Now we all have to buy goods from e-lineup which ships also overseas. Good job, UFP!

However, I liked these. I'll order more random ones in the future for sure.

I opened these in the bus and first girl I got was Riho. She is pretty and I like it how these photos aren't photoshopped or anything. Or I suppose these arent, they look super natural here. Well, even I like Riho (she is my fav Qki), I might sell this.

Then I opened the 2nd one - still in the bus - and I got Risako. It was nice surprise! She looks real woman and I didn't get any weird looks from other ppl  o\ The situation would have been different if I got someone who looks like 12-year-old like Karin haha.

I decided to open the last one when I was back in home and I'm glad I did like that. I got Akari Uemura. And she is my 3rd from H!P right now (1st - Maa, 2nd - Nakky) and oh gosh I fangirled. Uelegs!

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