Saturday, March 1, 2014

Goods, Goods everywhere! (GETs)

My friend ノーラ came back from Japan where she spent her year as an exchange student. It was so weird at first when she flied there - it took like one month to realise that I can't call her and ask if she liked to come out. And now when she is back, I still don't realise that either haha. Every time I see new H!P poster or CM in the internet, I almost send her a message like "hey is there MM14 posters in Osaka?" before I remember that she is back in Finland now.

I've seen with ノーラ a several weeks ago, before my exam-week (which is, as the name can say, a week where there is an exam for every single day. In my school it's usually from Wednesday to Wednesday.) so please forgive meow and my short memory orz

However, ノーラ was so kind and gave me souvenirs ;__; ♥ Thank you so much! Pockys, cute towel and because she knows I'm H!P fan, she gave me these~
Uwa~! Thank you! I don't know if you knew that I've been  almost buying 4th Ikimasshoi since 2010 but I haven't ever buy it (because H!P releases something too epic -> I order the new release lol).

I haven't listened Tanjou 10nen Kinentai songs since 2010/2011 because when I listened the songs, I thought they were too boring (I prefer rock-songs more) and I didn't even want to give a second chance. Now I gave a chance for Itoshiki Tomo he and ggghhh I love it! The DVD that came with the single (it's the Limited one) includes close up version of the musicvideo so I made an idol-afternoon to watch it. I also watched Koisuru♥Angel♥Heart Single V during idol-afternoon and all what I can say is I love -now graduated- H!P women. Well, who doesn't like beautiful ladys?
CHO Happy Song was absolutely genious idea from Tsunku. At the time it was released I used to listen it but I was more into buying Ongaku Gatas and Morning Musume-stuffs. Haha, shame on me!

It's 3rd time I say this, but Thank You ノーラ berryz much! ♫

~ ~ ~

And, because I like to show my newest goods, I'll introduce my first Kenshuusei-photos! Yay yay!
I'm still huge fan of Fuyuka Kosuga - or not a fan though. Let's say that she is my favourite Kenshuusei and I really enjoy to follow her and watch her growing up (since she is 2-3 months younger than me) and how she is getting better at dancing and singing.

When U/F Online was still alive, I used to check out their goods sometimes and I was surprised when Fuyuka-goods came on stock because she was one of the back-dancers on MoMusu Budokan-concert. Well, I planned to order them when next group-order comes. But then BAM U/F Online listed Kenshuusei-concert-goods. Whoah! I didn't expect that. Before we were only able to get Kenshuusei-goods from concerts if I'm not wrong.

Anyway, U/F Online was selling these 2Ls and I HAD to get them.

But let's start with this cutie-pie ♪ Her name is Hikaru Inoue, also known as Hikarun and she is 19th generation of Kenshuuseis. And she is super-cute.

I fell in love with her when I saw her "awkward-smile" in Oheso no Kunikara Konnichiwa MV. She is only 13-year-old and her birthday is August 20th (her horoscope is Lion as well as mine).
And even she is young and cute, she has powerful voice. And I don't mean something what Kenshuuseis usually have - I mean that level what Meimi Tamura from S/mileage has!
Oh, and she is back-dancer of upcoming Berryz tour. (She is huge Momoko fan)

I'm glad I ordered this set. Hikarun is cute and I really like her. She and Fuyuka are my favourites from Kenshuuseis so I don't regret I spent money (again) for idol-goods haha ♪♪

I have to admit that I don't like these new Kenshuusei-costumes at all. But oh well Fuyuka looks cute in there (as always) and the main point is the girl, not the costume.

Her nickname is Fuuchan (in the set above) but I still prefer to use Fuyuka when I talk about her. Too less people to know who I'm talking about, ya know.

Just hnnhgh look at her smile ;__; ♥ She is perfect and she deserves more promotion after she is back in good condition! (She is sick right now and all I wish is that she is okay. I mean that her illness should end so she could smile again~)

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