Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Maji Desu ka? Ska! cosplay [Yukicon 2014]

It's been awhile I've spoken anything about cosplay. Well, I should share some photos of my hANGRY-cosplay but lol I think this is more interesting :P

Maji Desu ka? Ska! concert version-cosplay, tada~h! I have no idea how I suddenly started to do this costume but I think it went like this:

  • I realised that I still have similar hair with Ai-chan when she had blond, short hair.
  • I asked if anyone was interested to do Maji Desu-costume with me and wear it to Finnish con Yukicon.
  • Vilma wanted to do Gaki and she was the only one who was coming Yukicon.

Actually the costume is easier than I thought at the first time. And, well, I literally bought most of stuff from shops. For example I just dyed that red jacket (it was light pink before) and added those stars. I painted the t-shirt even originally it looked like this:
Of course I can't look 100% like Ai-chan but I'd say I was close enough. I'm not sure if I bought a wig next time. I don't like wigs so much, they feel uncormotable.

We danced our freestyle version of Maji Desu dance and uhm I can imagine how weird it looked o\ We both didn't have enough time to learn it - and not to mention those kicks what I wasn't able to learn in home. I would have kicked my computer so nope I didn't even try.

BUT! What do you think - do we look like Risa and Ai?

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