Monday, February 10, 2014

Aural Vampire and Carpe Noctem

RAVEMAN / Total Sound Meister
Wu-CHY / Bass
ヒグチユーヘイ / Guitar
ZEN / Keybord
IZU / Drum

As I've told, I also listen to other j-music outside of Hello!Project and Aural Vampire (
オーラルヴァンパイア) is one of those bands/groups. I'll introctude those non-H!P groups, artists and bands here, so please give a chance for them.

I don't clearly remember when and how I discovered into Aural Vampire, but I think I was looking for something new and their look catched my eye. At least their electric sound and EXO-CHIKA's voice sounded absolutely stunning and I fell in love.

My first song was Shonan Shoku -Cannibal Coast- and back then I just listened in loop Freeeeze!! together with Cannibal Coast. I wanted MORE from this absolutely cool band and I started to search their other songs. Most of the songs I've listened so far are from Zoltank-album and I'm still upset I didn't buy it when e.g. Yesasia were selling it.

In 2011, I suppose, Aural Vampire released their indie-mini album, Kerguelen Vortex.
And let me quote my WOW VERY ENGRISH comment here:
I was very close to cry ;w; This is just so amazing! Today I thought "when I can hear soemthing new from Aural Vampire?" Please, please release this in Europe, in Finland! I will buy this~~ ♪

Uhm. I know, I know. Engrish. But if I translated that, It would be that I was fangirling because I didn't expect anything from Aural Vampire back then. And then BAM they released this.

The year 2012 was also the year when Morning Musume Reborn/Colorful era started but it was the year when Aural Vampire released their 1st major(?) single, SOLOWEEN. I prefer more their dark and mystic side so SOLOWEEN was literally eargasm for me.
I ordered the single in December and I swear, I've never got so huge "AHHH MY EARS"-feeling. Never! It's one of my favourite releases ever (of course after hANGRY&ANGRY-f and ABCHO haha) because even the single doesn't contain DVD, the music is so hhhhhhnnnngggghh. My feelings are hard to explain. But if you got the chance to buy SOLOWEEN-single, buy it. The b-side ハロウィンジルバ (something Halloween....) is imo the best track and c-song Back to Halloween isn't bad either.

After SOLOWEEN, Aural Vampire didn't release anything. There were now also drummer, bassist, guitarist and keybords, not only EXO-CHIKA and RAVEMAN. In the end of 2013 EXO-CHIKA started to tweet more photos and tada~h: the name of new album was here.

RAZORS ON BACKSTREET-album will be released 7th March 2014.

Compare to Razors on Backstreet, SOLOWEEN and Kerguelen Vortex, there is now only Raveman in the cover. Before RoB, EXO-CHIKA has been the cover-lady.
Keguelen Vortex
Razors on Backstreet

Few days before I wrote this blog-text, Aural Vampire released the MV for first song from Razors of Backstreet. It's called Carpe Noctem (カルペノクテム) and it sounds THIS:

And I love it. It has bit more rythm than their releases before and especially the band behind Exo-Chika is great. I also like it how only Exo-Chika shows her face.

The whole packet is absolutely GREAT. Exo-Chika's different voice, the band, Raveman's electric sounds, tempo, how the melody goes etc etc etc! Gah, I love this. I can listen it again and again and again.

Please listen Carpe Noctem. Please give a chance for Aural Vampire. It might be one of your favourite bands at someday.

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  1. I know this post is a couple years old but I just found it looking for their Kerguelen Vortex EP ^.^ I have been a fan of Aural Vampire for years now too and I'm glad to find out I'm not their only fan lol

    I agree that Carpe Noctem is an awesome song ^.^ I hope people will take your recommendation and give the song and Aural Vampire a chance. I'm trying to get one of my own friends into them lately. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! ^.^