Tuesday, January 7, 2014

OG-GETs (Hello!Shop order & posters)

Yosh, new GETs post again! First I'll show my goods from Hello!Shop also known as my early XMas-gift from me to me. I actually got them before XMas but as you know, I've been like laaaaazy cat and I didn't even try to look for my camera's cable.

At first I'd like to say that I was pretty surprised when I found photos from 2010. Well, after that I realised Hello!Shop sells old "photo-packets" where are photos even from 1999. I have no idea why do they sell those packets, but I think Up-Front wants to give a chance for new, rich fan who'd like to collect all his/her oshimen's photos. Dunno.

Morning Musume 2013 Fall ~CHANCE!~ poster
Rika Ishikawa DoriMusu & Ongaku Gatas sets
Hitomi Yoshizawa DoruMusu & Ongaku Gatas sets
I ♥ MM. hairbend
+ Mizuki Fukumura not for sale-extra (thank you!)
I think I have most of Rika's and Yossi's photos from Gatas Ryu 2010-concert now. Or atleast those black-white costume-photos.

Rika and Yossi are my idols as I think you know, so I couldn't miss my friend's group order when she told she's going to order from Hello!Shop where are surprising much OG photos. I wanted same outfits from same sets - I feel somehow unfair if I ordered one or two photos more of, for example, Yossi. So that's way it feels weird for me to buy, you know, all Yossi's or Rika's photos. For me there must be all the time "and". Yossi and Rika. Rika and Yossi.

Anyway, I had no idea what size these photos would be and I crossed my fingers for L-size. L-sized photos are more easier than 2Ls (⌒▽⌒ゞ My room is still in mess so I actually have no idea where to put all the photos. And with 2Ls I have all the time stress: what if they get bend? (But I still keep buying them when my friend tells about new group order... *cough*I-had-to-get-Fuyuka-photos*cough*)

I've always laughed at Dream Morning Musume's gold, glitter outfits but in some level I really like them. They were DoriMusu's point where ppl noticed them, like "hey they are Morning Musume OGs".

There are actually two sets, since both of the sets had gold-outfit and black-and-white photos.
Rika and Yossi both look very beautiful and young. I still can't believe they're almost 30-year-old-farts haha.

Gatas-sets. I like a lot of these costumes. This shooting is from 2010, time when hANGRY&ANGRY were active so I bet Ongaku Gatas got influenced from h&A style.
Hello!Shop gives sometimes extra-photos, aka "not for sale"-photos. They are "normal" L-photos where members have written something. This summer there might been these smaller ones? If someone knows the name of this small one, please tell!

When I was checking the catalog of Hello!Shop, I found those I♥-goods. There were cap, boxers, shirts etc. I was so close to order boxers (lol) to use as shorts. The I♥H!P cap looked also cool, but since I don't use caps so oftten and it was white over than half of the cap, I decided to buy just this hairbend.

I have short hair and that's way I cannot use it to do ponytail - so I'll use this how the girls use their hairbends in the concerts. Part of costume, accessory.

Then, the poster! It's actually from U/F Online but hss~

I was afraid how big it would be, I wished it could be smaller than 10 My Me which is reaaally big. Welp. It's B2 or B3 so... It's big. Same size as 10 My Me.
But beautiful girls from my favourite era (I'd say both Golden Era and this Reborn Era are my favourite ones) in HQ. I just need frames so this is still in roll lol.

And!! I bet every who has Tumblr and who follows other H!P blogs might remember berikyuu's giveaway. Do you? However, even I have such a bad luck, I suddenly won it.
I didn't expect I could win anything. I just decided to take part because "well I can't lose anything". As you can see, the present I won was Seishun Collection-poster. And this is big too. Same size as ~CHANCE!~ and 10 My Me.
Thank you, berikyuu!

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