Thursday, December 5, 2013

CHANCE! was kinda cool MoMusu concert-tour (aka GETS)

I found my camera, yay! So it means I'll share my latest GETs now ♫

These ones are from U/F Online.
I have no idea how much I have already talked about me and my oshis but here ya get da point. Morning Musume set and Masaki t-shirt from Morning Musume Concert Tour 2013 Autumn ~CHANCE~ and Akari Uemura's 2L set from Romance no Tochu/Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimekya de/Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru-single.

Let's start with that t-shirt.
You know, this is my first member-shirt! I have hANGRY&ANGRY and Ai Believe-t-shirts but both are group-shirts. I decided to buy Maachan's shirt because she is my 3rd oshi (1st is Yossi and 2nd Charmy) and #1 from current Hello!Project.

The shirt is size M even my own size is S. I like big shirts and I was afraid of if the size S was Japanese size = XS in here Finland/Europe.
I really like the design. Those silver parts are really silver - not grey like Koharu's "silver" color was back then. I haven't ever liked those birthday-shirt ones - yes Maachan has drew them by herself but lol it would end up like "...why there is number 14? aren't you 16-year-old already?" "my oshi  is 14y old" "wat"

In the neck is little CHANCE!-logo but I didn't take a photo of it.

But anyway, this t-shirt contains t-shirt itself, 2 Maachan L-photos and wristband. You don't have to guess what I'll wear when I want to do some wotagei while watching MoMusu concert 
The L photos ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ She is just so cute. Sometimes I just like to say "Hai! I'll do my best!" when I watch these photos o\
She is ador(k)able

MoMusu Ls. Sayumi looks stunning here. Not just cute, but also very mature. Or may I even say s-s-s-s------se---sexy.....?
Whole set. I have to say that I really like those costumes. They fit into the new electronic style and gives me Renai Revolution 21-vibes. I'm not sure if they used these costumes during the concert tour or were these only for promotion, but as I said, I like costumes and styling and I think this is one of the best sets from CHANCE!.

Uemu is very photogenic girl - and even she is almost as airhead as Maachan, her official photos are usually very cool. How could I explain it? Well, look at her face! Her eyes! The way she is looking right to the camera! "Whatcha lookin' for? Wanna fight?"

I really like how Uemu is that one who uses jeans while other Ju=Ju members have skirts or shorts. Well Ijiwaru Shinaide Dakishimete yo/Hajimete no Keiken-chu was different single, but you got the point. Because I decided to order only one set from umm other ones, I chose this one. Mostly because this purple backround fits better than REDREDREDRED. I don't like the colored backrounds. I prefer white ones more, but purple is good too.

Anyway, here it was. My latest goods. Somehow I have feeling I've ordered more goods but lol of course I don't remember them at all (=I have too much school work). OR that kid who delivers mail here steals the packets grrrrr. 

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  1. That photoset is just gorgeous! I agree with you, best outfits of this tour. Cool stuff~~