Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reasons why everyone should love Akari Uemura

Aarin with Fuyuka Kosuga

Akari Uemura joined together with Fuyuka Kosuga to Hello!Project Kenshusei back 2012. They're both 14th generation of Eggs (14 is my lucky number). She isn't super great singer or dancer, but she is so lovely that everyone should open their eyes to look her again. I love her so much and I'll list here some reasons why I like her and why all people of the world should like her too. (ps. don't take this too seriously. i understand u like idk karin but aarin is wonderful too)

1. Personality

Aarin has cool aura, but in fact she has same airhead personality as Maachan has. She not maybe call senpais with weird nicknames (Tanasatan, Minishigesan, Yasushisan, Fukunura and so on) or fall asleep after eating, but watching her makes you think "what a kid".

In Hello!Pro Station #39 we can see some backstage footage from BerryzxJuice=Juice Naruchika-events. Berryz members seems to like her: Miya lets Aarin to hug her and well, when Aarin covers Miya's eyes, Miya's reaction was "Ah! Uemu!". Somehow she sounded like big-sister.
Risako pat Aarin's head in the end while Momoko teased her. (Did u know that when Momoko teased Aarin with her pinky, Aarin bite Momoko's finger? What a girl!)

Aarin also makes other girls laugh. In Pocket Morning Juice=Juice all the girls (expect Sayuki tough) told how Aarin had problems with socks and shoes. Dunno how but... Well.

2. Look
Aarin is the only Ju=Ju member who has been in Phototecnhic Magazine as model. She has also been every photos-shoot Ju=Ju have had. She has something what cameras love.

Her eyebrows has perfect shape. Her eyes we could watch for hours. Her lips and smile makes me fall in love. Her cheeks and jaw are perfect.
And what is the best thing in her face (everything, yes, but if I had to say only one thing)? Her nose. Her nose is like cherry bottom the cake.

Aarin has the look what makes girls and boys fall in love. Many Japanese girls probably wants that look she has.

Also, Aarin's hair has their natural color: very dark brown. Her hair aren't black.

3. Body
Legs, legs, legs LEGS!!! Dem legs.

Aarin is tall, skinny and has long legs. I love her body and I really look forward to her solo-PB to release because I could watch her body 24/7. There is nothing sexual interest, it's same if some girls like shirtless Johhny Depp or someone. I mean, those 10y old girls don't fap fap to Justin Bieber. Get it? I love her body, it's perfect but I don't masturbate if my oshi looks great.

4. Pairings
It's freakin' awesome how many pairings we can actually make of Aarin.

First I'd say we can ship her together with Fuyua because they're from same generation. FuyuKari.

Then we have YuKari, leader and the youngest member. The video where Ju=Ju name and juices were announced, Yuka grapped Aarin's hand and they looked so close each other. I don't know, I'd like to ship them more but I've lost my heart for next one...

...ToMura. Or KanAkari. Or TomoKari. I prefer ToMura most (even though it's very similar with Meimi Tamura's subname o\).
ToMura is just perfect pairing with airhead Aarin kissing or giving a hug and cooler but almost as weirdo Tomoko, who, uhm, is doing her own thing. They get well together and their friendship reminds me a bit of Ai Takahashi and Risa Niigaki (also known as TakaGaki).
ToMura is just so natural pair and it's easy to like. I'd like to get ToMura photoshoot. NOSEBLEEEEEEEEDDD ヽ(´o`)

I love Aarin also because she is my Ju=Ju oshi and the only KKS I was interested in when Fuyuka was on hiatus. That's way I love also Juice=Juice. And I love Aarin so much.
Please tell me your opinions of what is the best thing in her! (´⌣`ʃƪ)

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