Friday, October 25, 2013

Great weekend. (GET)

My weekend started well this time, even I have school on Saturday.

However, I bet you know the idea of Idol!Swap at Facebook? I didn't buy this item from there, I bought it from Finnish "swap meet"/flea market/idk of Asian music. The idea is same as with Idol!Swap - expect it's for Finnish people and stuffs people sell there are like 90% kpop and 10% other music (jpop, jrock, cpop). Sometimes there is someone who sells Hello!Project goods, like this time.

 And yeah, as you can see, I bought Morning Musume newest single Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan ( Limited Edition D. I bought it because the c/w is Bouya by Sayumi, Mizuki, Haruna, Masaki and Haruka. I think I've said something how I like to buy editions where is song where my oshi is? *cough*Maachan*cough*

There is a lil' crack in the cover but I bet it came from post. Finnish post system works well, but there is always that someone who doesn't care u_u

Sorry for the pics btw, I didn't find my camera this time so I took them with my phone.

The CD is red and the photos inside are cool. I don't like so much those Wagamama-outfits as I like these Ai no Gundan ones. I like the idea how each girl has someone who has same outfit but just different colours. The pairs are Sayumi-Haruna, Mizuki-Sakura, Erina-Kanon, Riho-Ayumi and Masaki-Haruka. I like it.

I usually buy the copy which has the best cover (imo) but this time I bought this because I was looking forward of LE D or LE A editions - and the reason was c/w. (Maybe I'm bit disappointed since this single doesn't have covers where is only those girls who sing the c/w.) And then someone was selling this copy. I went to sleep and in the morning I decided "I'll buy it if no one hasn't done it yet!".
Lyrics. The picture behind is same but there is just girls' shadows.

I like this single a lot even I think I'm too tired after this school week to write about it o\ I'm fine with autotune and dubstep-ish style, even after listening the singles before this I wish they could do a song with less electronic.

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