Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jurin (ジュリン)

Couple of weeks ago was announced a new SATOYAMA-group: Jurin (ジュリン). I bet people remember the SATOYAMA-duo Peaberry (ピーベリー) with Riho Sayashi from Morning Musume (9th gen) and Ayaka Wada from S/mileage (1st gen) and their song "Cabbage Hakusho" (キャベツ白書).

This group is pretty similar with Peaberry since this is also duo and the song they're going to release is also ballad. The members are Masaki Sato from Morning Musume (10th gen) and Karin Miyamoto from Juice=Juice.

The name
The name comes from Masaki's ki (樹) (tree) and Karin's rin (林) (forest), which can also read as 樹林 - "Jurin", tree forest (or forest, tree area etc). Japanese is cool, isn't?

The profile photo

Jurin's first single is titled as "Hotaru Matsuri no Hi" (ほたる祭りの日) at it will be availalbe 4th September. BUT only in DVD.

The tracklist & cover
1.Hotaru Matsuri no Hi (Music Video)
2.Hotaru Matsuri no Hi (Ki no Shita Ver.)
3.Hotaru Matsuri no Hi (Karaoke Ver.)
4.Making Of (メイキング映像)

The song
The song name is in English as "The Day of the Firefly Festival" and it's a sad love ballad. Well, I'm not sure how sad it is (yet, I'm waiting for MV and the translation) so what do you think?

From @38:37 --->

A little bit studio ver. @31:22 --->

Jurin official site at


I've been very excited of this group, since, as you know, Maachan is my favourite current MoMusu member. Karin hasn't never been my favourite girl, I almost hated her when she was Egg and every time the auditions started, her fans also started to scream "KARIN INTO MOMUSU XTH GEN/S/MILEAGE!!! NOW!!!" lol. I started to like Karin more after Juice=Juice was announced.

This group was interesting right from it has announced - Jurin is SATOYAMA-group that has done after SATOUMI-groups. Jurin gets a lot notification since it's not one group from four other groups (like Peaberry, GREEN FIELDS, DIY♥ and Harvest), it's one group that needs people's attention.
Also one thing I think what makes this group interesting is that there is two girls with high voices. It's awesome how they sing in the chorus, while Maachan sings a bit higher than Karin. Just like W did - accapella.

I do not have enough words for this group than: perfection. I really wish more than one-shot group. I can see collaboration single with Peaberry already ♫

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