Friday, August 2, 2013

Juice=Juice first major single "Romance no Tochuu" radio preview!

Juice=Juice is Hello!Project new group with this line up:
Yuka Miyazaki (UP-Front egg) Peach
Tomoko Kanazawa (H!P Egg) Apple 
Sayuki Takagi (H!P Egg) Citrus
Karin Miyamoto (H!P Egg) Grape
Akari Uemura (H!P Egg) Melon

They had also Aina Otsuka (Orange), who made herself into 9th gen finale but failed. Unfortunately her parents had some problems with Up-Front and Aina had to left the group before major-debut u_u

Here is Juice=Juice first major single radio rip!

I like Juice=Juice so far a lot since there is Akari Uemura, who I used to follow when my favourite Egg Fuyuka Kosuga was on hiatus. It was huge surprise to me to hear Aarin is part of new group! Their previous indie singles have been so great and full of power so I've decided to follow this group.

I like also jazz-style (one reason I love Ongaku Gatas) so I'm glad to see this isn't "S/mileage no. 2"-group ^ ^,

What do you think about this?

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