Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just a happy Gatas-fan (GETs)


Where do you know that the blogger is BAD blogger? She/He apologizes every time before

the post starts o\ I promised to blog more often but lol I have had so much things (like
upper secondary school, church-things and so on) so I haven't had any time to blog. But don't worry - I have Twitter (@42charuccha), Hello!Online-user (Sinicharuccha) and I still love Hello!Project ♪

I got my first Amazon-order today. Actually I got it last week but I was camping so I wasn't home. The packet stucked into customs so I had to pay MORE ~__~ But I have my goods now and everything is okay!

Everything started when I noticed Amazon.jp has some Ongaku Gatas-goods on sale. Concert-DVDs were like 890\ instead of 3-4 000\! My friend helped to do that order (aka she did _everything expect the custom-part) so thanks to her :)
I bet you want to know what I ordered?

Morning Musume training cards(?)
Ongaku Gatas First Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Mi Zaru Shuku Zaru GOODSAL!~ (「音楽ガッタス ファーストコンサートツアー2008春~魅ザル 祝ザル GOODSAL!」)
Ongaku Gatas - Yattarouze! LIMITED-editionOngaku Gatas - Come Together SINGLE V
Up Up Girls - Chopper☆Chopper/Survival Girls

Let's start with those cards!

I had no idea what these were when I decided to buy this packet too. It was just 390\ so I thought "why not"and well, tada~h!
I tried to open that carefully since H!P doesn't have training cards anymore (they have L and 2L-photos now) and I didn't want to broke that pretty casing idk much.
First I saw Nacchi's face and I thought "oh i got just only one :(" before I realised there was more than just one or two cards :D

There is 7 "normal" cards and one different + H!P ad

The cards has two sides (except that Kemeko) so I have no idea where I should put them :~D
I was a bit disappointed I didn't get Rika or Yossi but I'm fine with these ^ ^, Old MoMusu cards, why not! And I'm super happy I got Gocchin, Nono and Aibon :)

Then to the CDs!
When Up Up Girls "debuted" I was pretty excited but then I forgot them :/ Luckily their Youtube-channel started to upload dance versions of their songs a while ago. I watched and listened them and when I found Survival Girls, I fall in love.
Unfortunately this song wasn't included in their first album so I decided to buy Chopper Chopper/Survival Girls-single. Yesasia didn't have it and I really wanted the song (I don't like to download illegal) so I added it to my order.

Chopper Chopper isn't my favourite song from Up Up Girls but I like it. Survival Girls is still my favourite song from them so I'm glad I got it finally ^ ^,

Yattarouze! is one of my favourite songs but I haven't bought this single before this. I remembered the b-side was really bad and boring so I decided back then to just buy 1st Goodsal-album so I'll get the song. I did like that, but I find out this single (limited version with DVD!) was also on sale so I bought this.

After listening the single I'm surprised. B-side, Sakaero Habatake Gatas Brilhantes H.P., wasn't that boring I remember! Not as cool as Aisaretai Aisaretai (Come Together b-side) or memoriable than DREAMIN' (Nari Hajimeta Koi no Bell b-side) but it's not bad song.

It has been a while I've bought Limited edition with DVD since H!P singles doesn't have back-paper anymore :/ I didn't remember LE-editions were so heavy! :P
The DVD has close up version of Yattarouze! so I can't wait I'm able to watch it ^ ^,

Come Together is my second Single V. I have already Come Together regular edition but I wanted also Single V since the MV is too epic :D And ok I'm materialist and this was also on sale lol

I'm surprised this has so great graphics even this is "just" Single V o__o All those backrounds... huh. Look at it!

Let's go then to DVD~ ♪
Ongaku Gatas first concert DVD~ I've seen years ago some clips of it at Youtube but now all of them are deleted. I remember I listened their Suki Sugite Baka Mitai and BE ALL RIGHT and them were epic.
Outfits are not as great as 2008 Winter ~Come Together~ but since it's Ongaku Gatas I'm fine with them lol. I can't wait I have time to watch also this /o (My summer vacation is almost over and I have so much things to do....)

Overall this was too awesome order and I can't wait I have money to buy more CDs. Morning Musume 54th single sounds awesome and I want to support Juice=Juice a little bit so I decided to buy one version of their 1st major single Romance no Tochu.
I also wish someone started to be interested of Ongaku Gatas ;) Their songs are cool, if you haven't listened them, do it now!


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