Friday, September 7, 2012

"Well, on my wall was just too much white so I bought some photos..."

Do you know that feeling when you got some photos of H!P members? Yes, it's amazing.
I ordered a while ago (at April if I don't remember wrong) from HelloStoreUSA some photosets. I got that order 6th day of July because there was some Special Orders. Even it was slow and expensive, I'm still happy that I got photos of my idols ^ ^,
I've always thought what kind of packet I will got. Because we were on holiday-trip, I was afraid what will happen to my packet. For example when I ordered contact lenses (non-colored, just 'normal' ones) they left that packet to letterbox - to the outside! One time our neighbours packet was so badly bruised because it was two days on their letterbox :/
We said to our neighbour that if we got another packet, please take it and give it back when we come. There wasn't any packet, said our neighbour. But there was this 'letter', flat packet~

Aaannnddddd, there was five photosets, but just these ones were for me;
Morning Musume's Winter 2012 Off Shot and Ongaku Gatas 2010 ~Gatas Ryu~-photoset.

I've wanted so long this Ongaku Gatas-set because Ongaku Gatas is my favourite H!P group right after Morning Musume. It's pretty sad that there wasn't any set with Yuri Sawada (she's my favourite Gatas member after Hitomi and Rika!), but I'm so happy that I got these pics~~♪ I love their outfits!

And what I could say about that MoMusu-set... Well, I didn't know which one I want and then I thought that off shot looks so cute and different than normal pics with white backround, so I choosed that. I like also their costumes and it makes me smile because girls has so big smiles~ For example Aika and Riho - they're like "ahahaha peeeeeeace!".
I can't explain but off shots are good variation for normal photos. So if you think right now that do want to buy off shot-set, I say BUY IT o\ We can see in those girls 'real' smile, not "ohh this is my pose after 784864 photos" ^_^'

Those other sets were some spilts and I paid them with my friend. And here is those ones which I got;
Masaki Sato, Sayumi Michishige, Riho Sayashi and Ayumi Ishida from Morning Musume's Winter 2012 part 4-set, Maimi Yajima, Maasa Sudo, Risako Sugaya and Saki Nakajima from Berryz Kobo x C-ute's Berikyuu Island Offshot-set and Saki Nakajima from C-ute's Dance de Bacoon!-set.

We ordered Dance de Bacoon!-set because we wanted to make our friend, who is a big Chisato-fan and always so nice to us (for example she makes our avvies and signatures for Hello!Online ^_^), happy and say that we've thankful for her graphics. And because Nakky is my favourite C-ute member, I 'stole' both Nakkys. lol my friend, whose fav C-ute is Airi but she likes Nakky also pretty much, didn't like that :P
And my favourite Berryz Kobo member is Risako, so I wanted only hers and Nakky's pic. But We had few photos which were like... Umm, photos of members who we like but who aren't our fav members. Get it? Well, anyway, I took Maasa and Maimi ^ ^,

About those MM. -pics~~ I got those members photos who I like ^ ^, Masaki is my oshimen from nowdays MoMusu, Sayumi is my favourite leader and well, I like Riho and Ayumi. I'm pretty happy that I got Masaki's and Sayum's photos, they're both on my top5 current H!P member-list, especially Masaki who is on the first grade. Anyway, as I said I like also Riho and Ayumi and these were good photos of these girls.

~ ♥ ~
When Morning Musume's 50th single released, I thought on Twitter where I should order my copy/copies: I'd like to have the poster, but I didn't want to order from CDJapan because postcosts. Suddenly, Puolukka said she could give her poster to me! I was like "WOAAAHH asdfg really?" o\
When Puolukka got her copy of One•Two•Three, she sent her poster to me and well, here it is ^ ^, It's an awesome poster, the photo is great (it's also Single V cover!) and every girl is stunning~
So BIGH THANKS to Puolukka!!

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