Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Berryz Kobo「MADAYADE」cosplay @ Desucon 2012

Ohh, how lazy I've been? It's OVER than one month when I should made this post. lol.
Anyway, I was at Desucon 2012 8.-10.6. at Lahti. You can read more over there~

Last time I was at Lahti when there was Desucon Frostbite. I was Sayumi from Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game and second day I just weared for hANGRY-kigurumi. This time I had with my friend another group-cosplay and we made costumes Berryz Kobo's 18th single MADAYADE.

We had all seven girls, but then we didn't have any idea of our Maasa, and Chinami didn't get her costume ready :/ But you know, watch that coreography and try to 'delete' Maasa and Chinami › They do same moves so that wasn't so big problem!

Here's few picture of us. They're ©Christina Paasovaara from description of service. Watch more from here!
I'm Risako. I know, my hair are FAIL, but I can say that these are not blond! :D
"Let's take funny faces!!"
- and I was only who took... o\
What we did at Desucon? Well, I forgot to go to the Fanfiction-smithy so I was just only watchin' opening ceremony. The most of the time we danced at Sibeliustalo's backside. Our friend has a quitarspeaker, what we called "The PARTYBOX!!" so we just danced while that "partybox" played BigBang's Fantastic Baby. lol it was fun x) But pretty stupid to pay 22€ that I could dance outside.

Here's one video of our dancin'.
We were pretty tired when our friend shooted that o\

BUT! Because I like to collect every hANGRY&ANGRY-stuffs what I could find and I like too much h&A-soft toys and there was one guy who sold some toys...

...so I had to buy some toys. I also bought ticket to Yamacon and Nichiou (Finnish: Arki)-manga's 3rd book.
Actually I got this one for free. Haha I just bought that bigger toy (I can't remember which one)  and then my friend found this.
My friend: "Hey look! How cute~~"
Me: "Oh, yes it is! Do you want that?"
Friend: "No, no. You can buy it"
Me: "Oh, okay. Excuse me, how much this is?"
Seller: "Ehm... 3€?"
Me: "Only 3 euros? Wow~"
This time I just tried to found my monies.
Seller: "Oh, wait. You can get it free"
Me: "o___o reaaaaaally? wow thank you!"

lol. I don't know are these real toys, I mean real h.Naoto, but these were pretty cheap (10€/ bigger toy) and I wanted to buy something.

Anyway, It was a fun con and I hope we can do more group cosplays togeter in the future! ^ ^,

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