Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MoMusu & 50th single / Mano 12th single

Long time no see ^ ^, This time I have two different things which I want to write, so let's start!

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Morning Musume's 50th single is a double a-side and will release 4th day of July. Titles are ONE•TWO•THREE and The Matenrou Show. That picture is from profile and CD-cover shooting, and we can see a bite of that at last Hello! Pro Time-episode.

What I can say about those costumes - I love them! Those are super cute and different than usually and I LOVE Masaki's new hair ♥ You know, Masaki is my favourite current member from Hello! Project nowadays. So that's way I'm so happy to see her in front of that picture (I hope it's a profile picture or single cover ♪).
And I like how UFA started made different hairstyles for girls, for example Haruka's short boyhair, Haruna's leopard (she looks like a cat! she only needs a tail :P) and Mizuki's cute ponytails. Now new fans can recognize new members easier and I hope MoMusu can get more fans that way.

Live performance from GIRLS AWARD-fashion show. Thanks for uploader fieldcasterjapan!

So, those costumes are ONE•TWO•THREE's costumes. Somehow I waited these for The Matenrou Show, but now I can't imagine anything else dress or something for this song.
I like that electronic music, even there is so much autotune. But did you notice that Masaki get pretty much lines to sing? I mean when comes those numbers, she sings with Reina. I'm so glad about that, because she really need some promotion! ^ ^,

MoMusu was shooting the musicvideo at 28th day of May, Riho's birthday, and I think there is one of backrounds. I don't know what kind of musicvideo is, but I saied at Hello! Online that I thought something dollhouse-theme. You know, super cute roboticdolls sings in autotune with pretty sexy and cute outfits :D

However, we can buy seven (7!!) different version of this double a-side single:
Limited A YesAsia - CDJapan
Limited B YesAsia - CDJapan
Limited C  CDJapan
Limited D YesAsia - CDJapan
Limited E YesAsia - CDJapan
Limited F YesAsia - CDJapan
Regular YesAsia - CDJapan

A and B versions are Sayumi, Reina and Aika versions (even Aika isn't there anymore), C and D are 9th generation and E and F are 10th generation versions. A, C and E are CD+DVD, others are only CD versions.

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Erina Mano's 12th single is titled Song for the DATE and will release at 27th day of June. She will release three (3) different version of that single: Limited A (CD+DVD) and B and of course - Regular.

Thanks to uploader MBCMS01

MV looks great and that song sounds ....... awesome! I like when Mano sings something dramatic or energy, even her voice is also great for ballads. But I don't like so much slow songs, and because Mano have so much beautiful ballads, this ROCKS.

 I like every time when musicvideo is shoot in the outside. Because there is TOO MUCH musicvideos which are made in the studio!
This looks pretty fun - something like that white Erina is a girl who like to have fun and black Erina is a seriously girl. I really want to see full MV - just because this looks interesting. Not dance shot x close up-thing than usually.
"I can see you!"
Pre-order Mano's single!
Limited A YesAsia - CDJapan
Limited B YesAsia - CDJapan
Regular YesAsia - CDJapan

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