Friday, May 4, 2012

ABCHO - Me wo Tojite Gyusshiyo MV preview

Yesterday when I open YouTube, I saw something pretty awesome. And because I'm a fangirl, like most of us, my reaction was like "AWESRGTHJMFDTYDJNNACAB KYAAAA~~" ^ ^'

In YouTube was this video;

ABCHO's first sinle "Me wo  Tojite Guyusshiyo" musicvideo preview! Okay I don't know or believe that MV is full of something like that, because they said in the video's name that this is a spot (lol), but at least this looks sooooo great ♪

My favourite part ♥ I can't wait what in the MV will happen, because they shoot in front of green wall and usually that's mean something different. But I've heard that with green the light looks better than in white (and they have white shirts so..).

Aa, I can't wait the full MV and NOW I have really have to pre-order this single!!

Pre-order this single too!
Limited: YesAsia - CDJapan
Regular: YesAsia - CDJapan

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