Friday, April 6, 2012

CDJapan-order GET

Yea~h, I got finally my CDJapan order! Because I ordered by SAL, I've to wait about three weeks. u__u (Actually I got these 5th day of March but I was too lazy to write this pos... lol sorry)

But finally I got these ♫ So, let's start!

So, I think you can guess what I ordered ^ ^, Two new release and little photobook. Let's start that PB;

Pocket Morning Musume vol 1.
Okay, that was smaller than I waited. But maybe that's way that's name is "Pocket Morning Musume"? ^ ^,
This is a little photobook of MoMusu's 4th gen and that's way I wanted this. And this was pretty cheap, too, only 850¥, about 7,00€

This is not a normal PB which we can see nowadays. There is only paparazzi-pictures, and one fun point which I saw was that there is no one picture of Rika Ishikawa with school uniform. Even there is pictures where Hitomi Yoshizawa, Nozomi Tsuji and Ai Kago have uniforms.
I got also these paper thing, can someone explain me what these are?
Overall, this is a pretty good thing for H!P collection, especially if you are a big 4th gen fan like me ^ ^v

Then, to the CDs!
Morning Musume - Pyoco Pyoco Ultra [LE C]
Dream Morning Muusume - Shining Butterfly [LE]
So, under the name 'Morning Musume' new releases~ Can I say like that? :P

I really wanted these singles, even Pyoco Pyoco Ultra isn't not-so-specially-song. I really like the songs, but only thing sucks. There is no backcover. Even these are Limited-singles and there is a DVD. That CD which you can see is CD, not DVD~
I have to say that I'm little bit disappointed. I mean, of course I knew that there is no backcover but I thought that there is only something like white paper. Okay that un-backcover is not a big problem, but it looks like I have empty CD's on my disk shelf .___.'

Anyway, I bought Limited versions because:
1. I wanted Masaki Sato's interview
Masaki is my favourite member in 10th generation and well, in this DVD is also Pyoco Pyoco Lip ver. of PPU, which sounds fun.
I watched that DVD few days ago and I really liked Pyoco Pyoco Lip ver.! It was fun and there is one cute PonPon-moment, but I don't have gif from that yet so I can't put it here~ Masaki's and Haruka's interviews was cute, even I skippet Kuduu's ^ ^' Masaki is so cute when she is nervous!

2. I wanted to see Hitomi's bitch slap.
Ahaha, lol I know that it's stupid to laught at this but I can't do anything x3

3. Shining Butterfly's cover is better than RE-version
This is usually the biggest reason why I order Limited-version, when I order it. I just don't know why, maybe I'm perfektionist? Haha~

About the songs...
Pyoco Pyoco Ultra is great morning song, because I'm usually crabby in the mornings ('cuz I have to wake up at 6am x___x) and that's way I like to listening music when I make up. PPU gives more energy!
PPU's b-side Kanashiki Koi no Melody is pretty cool and it's good counterpoise to hyper PPU. Even people are saying that "Kanashiki Koi no Melody would be better a-side!", I don't think so. Kanashiki is... sad song, which I can understand. PPU is happy and I think people likes happy songs more than sad ^ ^' Can't explain this...

Shining Butterfly is dramatic and beautiful song and that's way I can't get it why it sold so low; about 7,000 copies! Okay I believe that OG-fans tried to support DMM, but maybe just nostalgia doesn't bite anymore.
I think Shining Butterfly's instumental is awesome, but DMM made also good job of singin', so a-side is absolutely successful! B-side Aozora ga Itsumade mo Tsuzuku You na Mirai de Are! (2012 Dreams. ver) is cute and fun song, but I still think that it would be better that they made whole new song. That doesn't mean that I don't like Aozora ga Itsumade mo!
Anyway, Shining Butterfly is great single and if you are fan of someone DoriMusu member and you think of buying, I say: buy it. Because if I'm right this is DMM's last single/album release.

Sorry, I'm bad of writing any reviews of songs, especially if I like them so much~

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