Thursday, March 1, 2012

IshiYoshi will release a single

Yes, you heard right. Hitomi Yoshizawa and Rika Ishikawa will release a collaboration single to Sengoku Collection-anime. Anime will start at 2012/4/5 and their song is in opening.
We have no idea about the song name or release date, but Rika confirmed that on her blog;



I can't to read Japanese, but I translated that by Google Translate so I can tell what she told. First she told that new is right and she like that idea.

She also release this picture (^) few days ago and told she like to sing with Hitomi.

Group named Sweety will sing Ending theme~


I'm so excited of this!! Rika and Hitomi are my favourite members and the best couple ever, so I can't wait it~
And because this is not hANGRY&ANGRY-song (I think h.Naoto thinks that hANGRY&ANGRY is not anime-band), I don't know what I can imagine. I hope song is more dark than "super cute happy kawaii anime song!!!!", because they have great voices together.

I'm just watchin' Sengoku Collection's website and what I can tell for two picture is this: there is a lot of fansercive. Or at least lot of boobies.

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