Friday, February 3, 2012

Shining Butterfly + CDJapan pre-order

Today upfrontchannel release Dream Morning Musume's future single "Shining Butterfly" musicvideo. I have seen few part of that and one full version, but that was bad quality. So I know what I can wait - something reeeeely awesome.

MV have story about Charmy's ex-boyfriend, and she is allmost all the time "ohh my heart is SO broken". There is also Ai-chan, who was younger Charmy or something like that.
Video isn't so specially, but well, better than nowadays MoMusu. There is also one fun scene, and that's way I can't watch that MV with pokerface~
I know I shouldn't laugh to this but sometimes it's just so fun when Yossy and Charmy fight or attack x) Like this:

I really love that song, and I'm very glad that everyone get sololine. I especially like Yossy's, Makocchan's and Kemeko's solos, because they three have amazing voices.


I pre-order this single at last weekend from CDJapan. I usually use Yesasia but I don't want to wait three (3) weeks.
Bad picture, but these I pre-order & order.
I also wanted that Pocket Morning Musume-book (because 4th gen is my favourite gen) and I've heard that I could get poster with Pyoco Pyoco Ultra. About PPU and PocketMM later~

I pre-order Limited edition of this single 'cuz I liked that cover more than Regular and I wanted that DVD.

As I saied, I like LE more than RE. I especially like that purple backround and RE just looks so... well, bored. And LE's one shot-pics are pretty. (AND even Kemeko is beatifullest also in RE, I like her more in LE. I can't never imagine that Kemeko would be so pretty!)

So, I can't wait that I get this single. And I have no idea what is in b-side; usually I order after b-sides radio rip.

EDIT: I found this text at Yesasia:
The ultimate Morning Musume group, Dream Morning Musume (formerly Morning Musume OG) continues their short-term reunion run in the Japanese pop world with their latest single Shining Butterfly. In addition to the idols pop-style dance song, the single includes the 2012 Dream version of Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsutsuku youna Mirai de Are! as B-side track.

So the tracklist is:

1. Shining Butterfly

2. Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsutsuku you na Mirai de Are! (2012 Dream ver.)

3. Shining Butterfly (instrumental)

What do U think?

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