Saturday, February 11, 2012

Musicvideos from Buono! and MoMusu

I know that ya know, H!P was released new singles musicvideos just a long time ago and I share them here ^ ^,
I have little problem with Blogger's picture-loading so that's way I'm late u___u But let's start~!

Buono! - Hatsukoi Cider
I have to say, that I didn't like this song when I heard it. "I like only instrumental", I saied but now I like also words. I don't know what happened, maybe I realised that band without singer sounds weird.

That band. I really like that Buono isn't normal H!P group which means that H!P's musicvideos are usually close up x dance shot. I don't say that I don't like it, but I like bands and instruments. My fav instrument is bass and I'm happy that there is great bassline. (I really want play this at some day!)
Okay, about this musicvideo. Well, one my friend saied at another forum that they have smaller budjet than in JUICY HE@RT and Zassou no Uta. I believe her, because in JUICY HE@RT was limousine, a boat and anything what looks expensive.
Well, that's not a problem because this musicvideo looks great. I don't really like those pink costumes but with that MV them look fun. I really like these band-parts, and I want see other versions.


Buono! - DEEP MIND

I liked this when I heard this first time, and I still like this. This is darker than Hatsukoi Cider and it's cool when Buono! sings low. (Like in Ice Mermaid!)
At musicvideo they have cool stance, and especially Airi own this. I really can't get it how she do it.
As I saied, this is dark (darker than H!P normal) and it's very easy to imagine that this is horror-movie's theme song. MV is pretty simple rockin' and close ups, and even some people says that this is boring or it needed something, I think that simple is good. I don't know, I just like it. I like watch this because they rockin'.

I like DEEP MIND more than Hatsukoi Cider, but I still think "Do I buy it?". If I buy it, I will waiting YesAsia's sale. I'm miser :P

CDJapan: Limited / Regular / Single V
YesAsia: Limited / Regular / Single V

Morning Musume - Pyoco Pyoco Ultra
My first reaction was when I saw the costumes "omfg chicken?? oh no". Anyway, now I really like this song. It's just so happy and I like listen it.
Even I love this musicvideo, I think that dance is epic weird. Well, it's still fun to see 12 cute girls in yellow .I don't know can I say anything new about this, but I think if I would buy Single V too. I like good musicvideos and this is great ^ ^ I can smile when I watch this and it's good thing for me.


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