Sunday, January 8, 2012

Risa Niigaki graduating to MoMusu & H!P

I know that I'm late. I was just too lazy to make anything ^ ^'

But as u know, Gaki-san will graduate to MoMusu and Hello! Project. Actually she told that she wanted to graduate with Ai-chan but new members come and so on.
When I heard about this, my first reaction was something "DAMN U TSUNKU D---:<" (...I think that my reaction was worse ^ ^) but now I think it's okay. I mean if Gaki wants to live her own life, what she probably can't did in last 10 years.
Of course I'm sad because Gaki is one of my favourite singers and she have so strong and low voice. I'm little bit worried about MoMusu, because - I have to say this - I don't really like Reina's and Sayu's voices ^ ^'' And because MoMusu have so much new members and I think only Riho and Ayumi will get lines, I'm worried because there is no girl, who can sing as strong than Gaki.

EVEN I think like that, I have to say that I trust to 9th gen.

However, I hope all the best to Gaki.

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