Friday, January 20, 2012

Morning Musume Cosplay: Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game & hANGRY&ANGRY-kigurumi (@ Desucon Frostbite 2012)

I was at Desucon Frostbite last weekend. This is first time when Desucon is in winter, usually it's in summer. So that's way they call it 'Frostbite'.
Desucon is Finland's popularest con (am I right?) and it's BIG. There is almost 3000 people and well, you can see that there is so much cosplay-costumes.
at Sunday
Anyway, me and my friends had another cosplay-project and as you can read in the title (and because this is something Hello! Project-fan blog), it was Morning Musume-cosplay.
And yup, Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game-outfits.
(I'm Sayumi ^ ^ I have normal blond, short hair so I used wig.) We didn't get Eri, and JunJun was not able to come u__u Actually first is only me, Reina, Gaki and Ai and we didn't have no idea about Aika and LinLin. Suddenly Aika came with us and later we saw LinLin. YAY!

We just hang around there; we sang karaoke (there is also old H!P songs! I sang Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~, ALL FOR ONE&ONE FOR ALL and Telephone Ring Ring Ring), ate, dance and shopping. I have makin' video almost all of that, I can share it later here.

Oh, and I watched one lecture: Jpop girls life in golden cage.
First we wathed S/mileage's Please Mini Skirt Post Woman!! and AKB48's Namida Suprise.

We talk something with that lecturer before this lecture and she told that she is also big Hello! Project fan so her experiences are from H!P. She still tried to told equitably.
She told about scandal's and I learned something I didn't know before. For example I didn't have no idea about that Reina, Eri and Sayumi-scandal where they stretch their eyes and saied "We are Koreans". I know only that picture and that some fans didn't like it but that's was all what I knew.
So that lecture was interesting and there was more people than I waited.

And 'cuz I love hANGRY&ANGRY-toys and there is another guy who sold them, I bought it. Those big ones are bags and small one is just so cute >w< I bought also another manga, Yotsuba&! part 2. Yotsuba is my favourite manga, and I have to buy first book and latest, 10th, and then I have all Finnished Yotsuba-books. ♪

At Sunday I weared to kigurumi and because it was my first kigurumi and well, it was hard to made.
Me & my friend (cutest ANGRY ever!)
Bad picture but yup, hANGRY&ANGRY-kigurumi! lol I made my hood at Thursday and it's little bit FAIL x)
That guy, who sold them h&A-toys, wanted to took picture of us ♪ We just wathed hANGRY&ANGRY-toys :D True fans? o\
And there is more hANGRY&ANGRY-toys and I bought more~ hANGRY is for my grandmother ^ ^
And I also bought another JapanPop-magazine, Finnish magazine about Japanese culture, manga, anime, music and so on. I bought it 'cuz it was only 3,00€ and there is an article about MoMusu.
About Morning Musume history and generations~

Are you interested to come to Desucon? At summer is next con: 8th to 10th day of June.
♥ "Usa-chan PEACE!" ♥


  1. Did you sew the outfits yourselves or buy them somewhere? :o

  2. I sew them :3 (That's way Usa-chan's costume is little bit slack :P)