Friday, December 23, 2011

Pyoko Pyoko Ultra

I have lot of news about MoMusu's 48th single "Pyoko Pyoko Ultra"~~! First one:


1. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra
2. Kanashiki Koi no Melody
3. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (instrumental)

1. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (Dance shot ver.) [Limited A]

1.  Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (Close up ver.) [Limited B]
2. Ikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi interview [Limited B]

1.  Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (Pyoko Pyoko Lip ver.) [Limited C]
2. Sato Masaki, Kudo Haruko interview [Limited C]

Single V
1. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra
2. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (Another ver.)
3. Making of

Second one:

Profile Pictures
Yup, chicken!

Risa Niigaki
Sayumi Michishige
Reina Tanaka
Aika Mitsui
Mizuki Fukumura
Erina Ikuta
Riho Sayashi
Kanon Suzuki
Haruna Iikubo
Ayumi Ishida
Masaki Sato
Haruka Kudou
Those outfits are cute, but maybe really warm to dance? And shoes are ... weird. I don't like it ^ ^'
But the chicken idea is super cute, even Mittsi looks little bit banana with her hat x) ♪

Third new:
Limited A › Limited B
Limited C › Regular
Limited A
I think this is my favourite cover~ Everyone are so happy and cute and... yellow! And that they r holding the letters is great idea~
Limited B
 ...Chibi-MoMusu? lol cute, but those cuckoo clocks are weird ö__ö'
Limited C
More chibis! I like this more than LE B ^ ^ One my friend said "they looks like star in dark sky" :---D

Radio rip

video uploaded by majuchushi
I'm little bit confused of this, I don't know do I like it or not ^ ^' This is cute but quality is little bit bad. Not so bad than I've heard, but this isn't the best :'3

And you can find little part of making in new Hello! Pro Time-episode:
They r jumpin' and tried to fly. Backround looks little bit Massara Blue Jeans, but there is not t-shirts and jeans~

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