Monday, December 5, 2011

Please Mini Skirt Post Woman! covers

Today I found S/mileage's new single's covers in their official site. I pick up them over here:
Regular (normal) version is pretty simple, but simple is best! This makes me smile, and it's fun idea to make girls write something cute and positive ^ ^ Only Rina, Kana, Cinderella and DAWA have their official colours, but there is also four balloon which colors are pink (Yuuka), green (Meimi), red (Akari) and orange (I think it's for Fuyuka, Fuyu-chan's colour was orange).

Limited A
I love Limited A covers! So I love this too <3
It's so cute, happy and well ... very S/mile! haha ^ ^ I'm fallin' love with Yuuka's wink and Cinderella's eyes ♥
Limited B
So Postwoman-laidies! I will order this single, could one (or all!) give me my order?
There is also girls official colours in balloon, and of course with Saki and Fuyuka got own colours ♥ I love that idea ^ ^
Limited C
 I say that simple is best, and I love that cover too but white is...white ^ ^' Anyway, I like them bikes and single's name is cool in center :3
This time there is onyl Kana's, Yuuka's, Meimi's, Akari's, Rina's and Fuyuka's colours, but I think that dark blue balloon is violet (Cinderella) and another blue is also Kana's and DAWA's colour ^ ^
Limited D
Little witches! This reminds me Studio Ghibli's movie named "Majo no takkyūbin" (In Finnish that movie's name is Kikin Lähettipalvelu but I don't know what it's in English ^ ^') and omg I love this (lol I love all of them :D)
Single V
DAWA, Meimi and Rina - ready to go!
The backround is cute pink and looks little bit °C-ute's Momoiro Sparkling Limited A-version :3

btw sorry my for my engrish, I did this in hurry ^ ^'

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