Friday, December 16, 2011

Mobekimasu x2 & Come Together GET

Do you know that feel when you have no idea where is your order? I got the bill, where is mah CD's?? Well, yeah, in post office has something little problem, because it's XMas, and my packet was somewhere. Yeah.
Anyway, yesterday my dad get phone call from post office and after that I was queue.

And that packet was BIG.
Well, of course it's big; there is four CD: three for me and one for my friend.
And there is...
YEAH! MoBeKiMaSu-single x2 and Come Together by Ongaku Gatas
back covers
Let's start Mobekimasu~
As I say long time ago, I want LE A and some different LE-version. I like LE A more than regular, because that cover is amazing ♥ Even I'm not lead singers-fan, I like it. Everyone is so beauty and those two-shot-pic's are great idea ♫ Back cover is also good, Reina's face is fun :---D
I want LE A 'cuz I love that cover, but I like also the b-side, moshimo... It's so cute, especially Nakky is there, it makes me happy ^ ^ I have to say that Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku's instrumental is also good! Better than I wait :---D
And I bought Berryz Kobo's ver. I wanted it 'cuz I'm little Risako-fan and I love her voice. And I could not wait to hear Kacchoii Uta by Berryz.
Everyone sounds amazing, and Momoko isn't make me feeling like "oh god I hate that cuter" :''3 Have to say: Good job, Berryz! I think Miya is this time the singerprincess and I have no doubt why Miya have fans ^ ^
I got also two, red ticket and I have no idea what them are. Hand shake-event ticket? Yomiuri Land EAST-concert ad?
I want to know, 'cuz there is 'NOT FOR SALE' ^ ^'
And I am just a little bit disappointed that in the note is same picture :/ Even I like it, I waited different shots!

And then, to oldest release (in this order):
trololo i know i can use gimp
When I order them, I though about one minute before I order this. I just think 'omg Ai Saretai Ai Saretai omg omg' and *click* :3
But I am big fan of Ongaku Gatas, just because their songs are awesome and I love Yossi, Charmy, Satodacchi, KonKon, SawaYuri and NotoAri. And I like also other members; ManoEri (who isn't there anymore ;w;), Minami, KoreMiki and Mika (Mutou). So I have no dislike-member, or member who I don't sometimes like. That's way Ongaku Gatas is one of my fav groups and I really hope they will release 4th single.
But anyway, Come Together isn't my favourite song, but it is like DREAMIN' ~Gatas Brilhantes H.P. no Ouenka~ and even only Yossi, Charmy, Konno and Satodacchi get solo line, I have no problem with that. Everyone sings and song is group song ^ ^
Ai Saretai Ai Saretai sounds little bit Seishun no Custard in their first album, and because I like Gatas jazzpop-style, it's one of the best b-sides ever. I especially like the beginning, where IshiYoshi sings together. Yuri and Minami sing also good, and I think Yuri and Miki would be amazing duo.

Now I want so badly 1st GOODSAL. Damn.

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  1. Hey i got also that orange ticket with my copy.
    I don't know what it is, but maybe something what you said.