Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Xmas to me!

Puolukka told few days ago about her HelloStoreUSA-order, which was BIG. Anyway, it was group order and I ordered some goods too.
Because we were waiting that about 2-3 months, I want to say that is my Xmas-present from me to me ^ ^,
So, what I bought?
Yup, I might what you guess~
But you didn't know that I bought also something else :3
my camera's bag is also there~~ haha
Ai Believe-concert t-shirt (size: L) and 2L Rika Ishikawa (Ongaku Gatas 2008 Come Together!)-photo set.

Let's start that t-shirt~♫
When I saw those t-shirts, I didn't know which colour/member-version shirt I will buy so I think I want all members picture's and well, black is colour which is fine with every other colour.
I have to say that I'm not Ai-chan's fan (that doesn't mean I didn't like her! She have strong voice and fun person :3) but 'cuz those goods are her graduation-stuffs and I think that if I buy other member's shirt, I "deceive". I don't know how I can explain my feelings but I really do like this shirt ^ ^'

 And yeap, I get also all members picture with shirt~
(I think if I colored my hair, I could look like her xD)
I love those photos; Ai is smiling queen, Gaki is powerfull future-leader, Sayu is cute even she doesn't try to be cute, Reina is pretty, Aika is ready to dance (she has broken leg so she doesn't participate to this concert :/), PonPons are ready to PON PON WAY WAY WAY, Riho is happy and beauty and Zukki is cunning >w< ♥
I especially like 9th gen pic's and that's one reason why I wanted bought this shirt ^ ^v

Then, to the Charmy's set!
I think this is cutest Charmy-photo set what I've ever seen, and because I have Yossi's set too, I wanted it.
I'm big fan of Ongaku Gatas and I really like those outfits~
And look at her nails! >w< so cute ♪
Anyway, those pictures are bigger than Ai Believe (which is good because now I can see Charmy's charming cutier face everyday when I wake up x3).

And because my photosets are on the wall (door), I put them over there too. When I open my door, IshiYoshi says "ohayo!" to me x)
Now my door look like this~ ^ ^v

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