Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dream Morning Musume and 1st single

Dream Morning Musume will release their first single 2012.2.15
It's name is Shining Butterfly and if I understand right (=I'm not sure!), we get 2 different version of the single: limited and regular.

I was pretty suprising when I heard about this. Of course I'm happy that DoriMusu isn't one album's band but still I am little bit ''afraid'' of this ^ ^' I mean I love old members but the song name sounds weird (I can imagine that here is Rika's and Koharu's "KIRA KIRA ☆"  line |---DD Or something 'reeely kawaiii').
Anyway, I hope the colorcoding would be fair and song is something ... awesome! Adult, strong and so on. So that's way I can't wait to hear previews ♪

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