Thursday, November 3, 2011

UFA promote Nokia

Have you hear the new Nokia and Windows collaboration phone? It's call Lumia 710 and it looks this:
Cool, huh?

But yeah, UFA idol promoting that phone and I found from @Smileagestaff some pic~
Mai Satoda! I'm very glad to see another photo of her, 'cuz I'm big Ongaku Gatas-fan and she is one of my favourite member in M-Line and I haven't seen her a long time! :---) One reason why I'm very interested to have this phone: Mai Satoda promote it. /o\
UFZS / Up-Up Girls! I'm still very glad, and not just because Minami Sengoku is here (ex-Ongaku Gatas-member). UFZS is very new group and they need some attention so this way I'm waiting for their debut.
About debut, I've heard that they gonna debut in South-Korea! I can't wait that!!

I'm very happy to see that one of my favourite members make something collaboration with Nokia (and Windows), because Nokia is Finnish company and even it not number one phone-selling, I think that is very cool to see Finnish-product in Japan ^ ^

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