Tuesday, November 22, 2011

S/mileage & dance practise

Yesterday smileagechannel release a new video, wich is S/mileage's future single dance practise.
Yes, this is "Please Mini Skirt Post Woman!"-choreography and as u can see, they have something bag on shoulder. Quality isn't perfect but I'm really happy to see this dance and hear the song 'cuz I waited this so long! Yesterday I was so hurry and then I was SO tired but still I want so saw this. And I am not disappointed at all. This is amazing, cute and happy. 100% S/mileage!

Choreography looks fun and little bit hard - there is many little point what they have to remember and I think this is very early dance shot because they have little missteps, especially Kana have little trouble. Sometimes she forgot another move or place where she have to be but I think that is very cute ♪ We can see that she try so hard! I think she would be one day the best dancer ^ ^,

If I had to say some criticism, I say that I don't like Meimi's lines x__x I just... I think her voice isn't better than anyone else (I mean she is not the best singer in S/mileage) and I'm very afraid to see next singles: how many lines she have and are she with Cinderella and DAWA only singers?

However, I can't wait the costumes, cover of the single or musicvideo! ♫

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