Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sayu in KERA

Sayumi blogged today that she is a model at teen magazine, KERA. I don't know are she only in model or is there bigger article of Sayumi.
Sayu told that the dress is on her at description.
I think this is the cover of that magazine. That number will released tomorrow, 16th day of November.
You want buy this? You can find it at Yesasia, over there: KERA vol. 161 (2010 January)

I think that is very cute dress >w< It's little bit lolita-style, because KERA is punk, rock and gotchic lolita-theme magazine. I'm glad to see that she is model in magazine wich I like. And Is not suprise that she have pink lolita-dress, but it suits her well ^ ^ So cute! ♪
I think that I'll buy this number later, if I have money (:DD).

Sayumi's blogtext

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