Friday, November 11, 2011

moshimo・・・radio rip

Here is Mobekimasu's first single Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku b-side (Limited A & Regular) "moshimo・・・"

video uploaded by 23iri83

What I can say? I don't know what I wait so this is "idolbubblepop" for me. This is such a great song but I like Kacchoi Uta more. I do not dislike this but I don't usually listen idolbubblepop, so this is little bit weird for me. 

Singers are Momoko, Nakky, Mano-hime and DAWA and umm... I don't know who that fifth girl is - Erina or Mizuki? Maybe I can hear also Meimi's voice but I'm not sure.
But anyway, I'm happy that Nakky gets solo! 'Cuz she is my favourite ℃-ute member and her voice is so cute >w< Mano sounds also amazing and even I don't (usually) like Momoko (I mean - I don't like her cute voice because I know that she can sing better), I think it's not bad that she has lines ^ ^

What do YOU think this?


  1. The fifth girl is Mizuki :)
    I like Kacchoii Uta more than this, too. But this is not bad.

  2. Oh, thanks :D Mizupon's and Eripon's voices are so similar x)