Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mobekimasu is 5th at their first day in Oricon-chart

Mobekimasu is 5th at their first day in Oricon-chart:
Hooray? I'm glad that Mobekimasu is top 10 but ... I waited more ;W; (lol I saw dream where Mobekimasu is 2nd :'D) Anyway, I hope they don't give up and people won't stop buying!

If I understand right, my copies act in Friday 'cuz I order them at Yesasia and Yesasia ships them at Friday. Still I got them 2nd day of December :P

Support Mobekimasu If you haven't already do that: CDJapan / YesAsia


  1. I'm litte disappointed that H!P can't do any better with single which has every member. Third place sold 26703 copies....

    My own copy hasn't arrived yet but that's not surprise because I chose slowest shipping method on CDjapan

  2. I know that feeling, Puolukka >__< Hello! Project have so many fans and four group plus one solo artist is something 'idol heaven' so why Mobekimasu sold ... well, I can't say they sold bad but even MoMusu sold better. So I'm disappointed too~

    But maybe I have to be proud of H!P 'cuz that single sold better than 2NE1 ^ ^'