Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yuuka Maeda graduate from Hello! Project

S/mileage's member Yuuka Maeda will be graduating 2011.12.31 and S/mileage's 8th single, titled "Please Mini Skirt Post Woman", is her last single.

She told that her dream is to go to the high-school, but school + famous idol isn't good combination. That's way she wants to graduate.
I understand that - even this is big suprise for me. I mean sometimes school is hard for me and I'm just 'normal girl'. And I'm very glad that she leave every girl's dream and think that school is better than be an idol.

As I told, that single will release 12.28 wich is Yuuka's birthday. 28th day is Wednesday and Wednesday is Oricon-list's Monday so I can't say is that something plan "Yuuka's birthday = Wednesday = She wants to graduate = MORE MONEY" but I hope there is something about Yuuka. Solo-song or something. I mean, I like Yuuka and she is S/mileage's the most popular member. Although I don't usually like famous member, Yuuka is one of my fav members.

But we have about two months to her graduation so let's cry later :----) ♪

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