Friday, October 7, 2011

MoexKon's first single

Single cover
Asami Konno's and Moeko Ueda's duo named MoexKon publishes their first single "Jyunjyou☆Fighter". The release date is 2011.11.16 ^ ^


I like this song! I like electronic music, just like eurobeat or some music what sounds like that. Even their voices are little bit autotune, I like it because it's not so horrible autotune than other songs what I heard.
Song isn't so special, but this is their show's opening (or something) and sometimes simple is best ^ ^ "Ola ola", "Daridari" and "Suki suki suki"-points are fun and those are my favourite parts~

Do you want buy this single? The catalog number is MHCL-2007 if you don't find that :D
But here is link to CDJapan and YesAsia :---) Prize is 1238 Yen, about 19,00 Dollar and 15,00 Euro.

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