Thursday, October 13, 2011

Berikyuu MV & Profile pics!

Berryz Kobo's and ℃-ute's collaboration single has a musicvideo now and here is also the profile pictures their costumes.

Single titled "Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku" and because ℃ -ute and Berryz didn't have same record company (℃-ute  = Zetima, Berryz = Piccolo Town) so they released 6 different version:
Zetima /  ℃-ute-version:
EPCE-5817: Limited A (DVD + CD)
EPCE-5819: Limited B (Only CD)
EPCE-5820: Regular (Only CD)

Piccolo Town / Berryz-version:
PKCP-5195: Limited A (DVD + CD)
PKCP-5197: Limited B (Only CD)
PKCP-5198: Regular (Only CD)

But yeah, the profile picture! I almost forgot them x)
Saki "Captain" Shimizu
Captain is very pretty, I like her hair ^ ^
Momoko Tsugunaga
 Momo is... Momo. Always. She is cute but that bored me u__u I think that different hair style is better than "Hi! I'm 5-year-old-little-girl"-style ^ ^'
Chinami Tokunaga
Always happy girl - Chinami! She is very pretty and happy, she makes me smile! :---) That hair decorative is very cute ^ ^
Maasa Sudo
Maasa is one of my favourite H!P Kids-member and I always like her hair style (thanks for hair expert!) but this time it's little bit lame .___. Maasa is very beauty but I think that same ponytail what Ai have in Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game is cool and it could be for Maasa! :----d
Miyabi Natsuyaki
 Miya is also very pretty ^ ^ Natural~
Yurina Kumai
 I'm used to seeing Yurina with long, straight hair so that is good change ^ ^ I like it!
 Ohh, Risakooo ♥ I love her brown, short hair! She is so cute with them ♥
Maimi Yajima
 Maimi is very pretty, and that red-white flower is fun :---)
Saki Nakajima
 Nakky ♥ So cute, pretty and lovely >w< I love her ♥♥
Airi Suzuki
Airi is also very beauty~ That belt is little bit weir ^ ^''
Chisato Okai
I like Chissa's hair :'3 Light brown is better than dark brown ^ ^
Mai Hagiwara
 I'm not Mai's fan but now I have to say: she is very cute. That ribbon is made for her.

Sorry, I have something hairfetish :') But here is a musicvideo:

Video uploaded by: mbcmschannel

I like this mv because there is someting story ^ ^ And no dance shot! Usually H!Ps musicvideos are close upxdance shot, so this is good variation.
It's little bit weird than so happy song is horror-movie's theme song o__o' This is Berikyuu's movie named Ousama Game's theme song or something like that.

Release date is 2011.11.09

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