Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tachiagaaru musicvideo!

S/mileage's new song named Tachiagaaru have a musicvideo now! First I show you some fun parts and THEN you can watch that, okay? ^ ^
 Well, that isn't fun part but Fuyuka is so cute and happy and that make me smile :---) GO FUYUYU!
Poor Kanyon ^ ^ Look at Yuuka's face! "Now you're MY fan"
And.............. what the ----? A cow? :'D This is totally random S/mileage-video ever!

Even that video is fun, I think that is little bit lame. I mean it's need something. UFO? Hey, that would be totally cool: sub-members with green UFO-costume! Haha :DD
But yeah, I'll promise. Now you can watch the pv ^ ^ Have a fun~♫

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