Saturday, September 24, 2011

My H!P/H&A-stuff history~

Hi again! I'm bored so I made this :---D Haha! But yeah, I think that I want tell you where my monies is now... ehehe >w<


2010.5.24 I was HANGRY&ANGRY's concert (they are here Finland then!) and I bought only one hing: t-shirt
Concert t-shirt, concert-ticket and Sadistic Dance-album
Later I bought their album Sadistic Dance at Finnish recordshop Levykauppa Äx. So that is European version ^__^

2010.11.13 I bought hANGRY-toy at Tsukicon (Finnish con for Japanese fashion & music) and my friend bought ANGRY >w<
hANGRY w/ Pocky and something dry-icecream
2010.12.24 Merry Xmas! I got my first Hello! Project-stuff: MoMusu's new single and album! I mean Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (44th single) and Fantasy! Juuichi (11th album) ♫ YAAAY~~
Fantasy! Juuichi [REG] & Onna to Otoko no Lullbay Game [LE C]
2011.1.21 (I'm not sure is it THAT day but my trust my compurer...) I got my first Yesasia-order ever! YAY! Guess what it contained? Well, I like love 4th generation and...
 Yeah! You're right! 4th gen power! 
 2011.1.18 My hANGRY-toy is happy because he (yup! I decided that he is boy >:3) found ANGRY. Or her head...
hANGRY w/ ANGRY-coin pouch

2011.1.28 I bought hANGRY-phone charm.
theehee, here is my phone too :D
2011.2.24 My second YesAsia-order! I bought something new and something old ^ ^
Ongaku Gatas - NariHajimeta Koi no BELL
Morning Musume - Mr. Moonlight ~ Ai no BIGBAND~
Buono! - Zassou no Uta
S/mileage - Shortcut
Erina Mano - Seishun no Serenade
2011.5.8 I got my third order: something new and not-so-old-but-not-so-new.
S/mileage - Koi ni Booing! Boo [LE B]
MoMusu - Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai [LE C]
MoMusu - Maji Desuka Ska!
MoMusu - Seishun Collection [LE A]
 Seishun Collection isn't for me, I gave it birthday present to my friend ^ ^

 2011.5.13 My first HelloStoreUSA-stuff! Puolukka ask me do I want order something with her and Glorry and of course I want! :----D 
That's way my room's door looks like that: 
Tiger is my favourite animal! :D
2011.6.18 I found MoMusu's ALL SINGLES COMPLETE ~10th Anniversary~-collection at Desucon (Finnish con for anime and manga) and I paid only 8 euros! Well, It's Chinese version but still.

2011.8.13 I got awesome promo-poster from my godmother ^ ^ Birthday present you know~♫
my door - again
Yeah, it's Korean version but WHAT EVER :D It's cool *--*

2011.8.17 My 4th YesAsia-order and "birthday present from me to me" x3
H&A's first single and first concert DVD!
Now my H&A-collection is perfect ♥

Here it is! My 5th Yesasia-order is coming sixth day of October (2011.10.6 - I can't wait it!!)) and before Christmas I got something in HelloStoreUSA... More about them later!

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