Monday, September 12, 2011

12, Smart-covers

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Here is Morning Musume's 12th album's (named 12, Smart) covers ^ ^ Yeah, it's really small picture but if I can see something, I think you can see too :_____D

First, I love Gaki's hair! She is so beautiful and natural *--* I think she can be cool and boyish BUT pretty and girlish when she wants :----D I mean she isn't "one thing girl"~
Mittsi, Ai and Sayumi are cute too but something is missing... I don't know what! Maybe Sayumi needs new hairstyle? Just like Mittsi...
I think Mittsi is really cute when she is young - with black and long hair. Maybe the hair coloring is senpai's sign? :DDD

And I like limited cover more than regular because regular is boring. Even 9 gen members Riho and Zukki are an angel ^ ^' Limited is natural with green backround (and green is pretty color) and close up is very successful. I don't like regular's backround, baby blue is cool but boring color >A<

So, what YOU think about the covers? :---)

// EDIT 13.9: bigger pictures:

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  1. I must say that Regular edition is nice, because I don't have enough money to buy limited edition.. Angel style is little 'meh' but I always love blue/sky blue color so I like it kinda much~

    Limited is awesome in my opinion~! Reina looks so beautiful on it...
    (But somehow I don't like to see Aichan there anymore >__< She's already graduated when this album comes out...)