Friday, February 13, 2015

Tochiotome25 to release 5th single

Last year I was randomly listening something, probably MomoCloZ, from Youtube when I saw an interesting looking video on the Recommend-list. I clicked, listened it, and listened some more. I found more music videos and I just... I couldn't stop. The following day I listened some H!P music but I just had to go listen that group I had found the earlier day. The group was Tochiotome25 (とちおとめ25).

Since then I have been T25-fan. When I found the girls, Madoka had probably just graduated and the group was 8nin group. Ai, Kurumi, Yayoi, Karin, Eri, Mao, Hitomi and Yurika. Kurumi graduated on June 30rd and Yayoi November 25th. I bought one copy of each single they had released so far. I fangirled when I heard they will release their 4th single, Wagyu Fire!!:
I still haven't bought Wagyu Fire!!. It's been a while I have ordered music.

So nowadays the group is 6nin  with one cadet and five kenkyuseis. I'm looking forward to Momoka (cadet) to debut as a real member. Or atleast to appear this 5th single music video.

Ai - the leader

I can't - or more like I don't want to - say who is my favourite member. I love them all. Though I must to admit  I find Yurika the cutest. She tweets a lot of cute photos of herself.

Yurika tweeted today some news: Tochiotome25 will release their 5th single on April 22nd! (Earlier she tweeted a photo with Karin and wrote something about rehearses. It was a sign for new songs!)

Single is titled as Yu (ゆ) and it will be released in 4 different editions: Type Yu(ゆ), Type Ke (け), Type Mu (む) and Type Ri (り).

Yukemuri. Hmm.

I put the Yukimuri (ゆけむり) on Google and here's what I got:
Red-white trains?!?!? Well Tochiotome25 outfits are red-white too so I wouldn't surprise if they sing about... trains. Or have those trains on the music video. This group has random videos if you haven't noticed yet. Watch Wagyu Fire!!. You have no words after that.

Here's the tracklist:
ゆ[type ゆ]BZCM-1070
1. ゆ 
3. ゆ(Instrumental) 
4. FLOWER WAY(Instrumental)

ゆ[type け]BZCM-1071
1. ゆ 
3. ゆ(Instrumental) 
4. ONE! TWO! THREE(! Instrumental)

ゆ[type む] 
1. ゆ 
3. ゆ(Instrumental) 
4. FLOWER WAY(Instrumental)

ゆ[type り]BZCM-1073
1. ゆ 
3. ゆ(Instrumental) 
4. ONE! TWO! THREE!( Instrumental)

Types Yu and Mu have completetely same contest but different covers. Same goes with Types Ke and Ri. But hey, 3 new songs! It will make 21 songs in total.

I wanted to share this happiness of Tochiotome25. They have 5 music videos and their concerts are usually just appearing on Tochigi's little events. Girls sing live and they work hard.

I'm not able to explain a consept of Tochiotome25 but here's quote from their official website (it has English version, too!)
Tochiotome25 promotes the agricultural products of Tochigi in Japan. Tochiotome is the name of a strawberry grown in Tochigi prefecture. It is the most cultivated strawberry in Japan. The Tochigi strawberry grown in summer is called Natsuotome No. 25. Therefore, this Idol group’s name comes from these two things… first, there is the strawberry, Tochiotome, and then there is the name of the summer version, "Natsuotome No. 25.” These two strawberry’s give the group its name… Tochiotome25. The group not only advertises Tochigi’s agricultural products in Japan, but also promotes them in China and all over the world. Tochiotome25 is actively promoting the popularity of Tochigi dairy and agricultural products, folk crafts, technology, sightseeing as well as trying to promote investment opportunities for the world market.

Their promoting works. I really want to go Tochigi.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rinapu to graduate from ANGERME and become a soloist

ANGERME's orange girl (former yellow girl from S/mileage) Katsuta Rina aka Rinapu graduates from the group to become a soloist. She doesn't give a f- to the audience and just forgets the town name when she greets people.

But Rinapu sings like an angel. She just stands on the stage, sings and smiles. Sometimes she takes an eye-contact to the people who've bought the concert-tickets - if she remembers. Her charm is something I can't explain. There is no reason not to like her. There is no reason not to attend her future concerts.

Luckily (or unfortunately? I'd love to see her as a soloist!) this is just an imagination. But let's imagine what her concerts would be:

She rarely talks to the audience, she just says things and skips to next song.
She rarely tells jokes and if she laughs at something, it's probably because some guy in there looks stupid. If she points you, you're the lucky one. Or not.
She isn't interested in learning her fans names.

The most probably things she'd say during her solo-concert MCs:

"You guys never were my fans during my time in S/mileage - ah sorry - ANGERME. You are probably just Fukuda-san oshis. Are you wishful to see her here?"

"Someone asked my why don't I sing S/mileage - ah sorry- ANGERME covers. I didn't get much parts to sing when I was a member."

"Stop doing wotagei. It's so embarrassing."

"I think you have wrong color in your glowstick over there."

MC: Ah, question time!
Rina: Yaaay. [tries to look excited]
MC: Please name your 5 favourite songs!
Rina: [names her 5 favourite songs]
MC: Eh? No ANGERME at all?
Rina: The S/mileage - ah sorry - ANGERME songs, I... [coughs] like them. I like them all.

Rina: ANGERME Budokan is coming up on [date] [month].
Someone from the audience: We know it already haha!
Rina: Well I'm very sorry.

"I'm sure you’re already well aware, but ANGERME are having a concert in Budokan on [day] [month]."

"Stop jumping during these songs."

Q: Is there anything you'd like to change in yourself?
Rina: No.

Wota: You know, my mom also bought your CD!
Rina: okay.

Wota: Do you remember me?
Rina: No.

 "You know, there were one gay-staff. It was fun."

"Hi bald-heads! lol"

"I once wanted to be a model."

She's a demon dressed to an angel. I love her. I could listen her solo-songs every day and wish I'd have such a cute voice.

She sang Hatsukoi Cider once.
I'm not alright anymore.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Remember when...

Ah, old good times. When lines were fair to everyone (NOT.) and Tsunku made good songs... But do you remember these little things? I was searching my computer's Hello!Project-album from my ex-computer that fell down in the end of 2013 and there were a lot of things I didn't remember before I found them again.

1. From Chocolate to Honey

Haruna changed her image-color brown chocolate into honey after One•Two•Three was released around 2012 summer. It happened during 10th gen's USTREAM-show where they... ate chocolate. And Masaki ate all the time while others tried to speak something.

2. Mai Satoda and UFZS / Up Up Girls promoted Nokia
And I blogged about it with my very cool Engrish back then.

For me this was something very exciting because as a Finn I love to hear when someone foreign likes Nokia - which is (was) Finnish people pride or something.

3. Risako had black hair
I loved Rii's black hair. imo she was so hot back then. Not that she wouldn't be hot anymore, but the black hair fitted her very well. She was cute, hot and cool. Now she is fashionista, hot and beautiful.

4. Hello Pro Eggs? Who are they?
The time when they were Eggs but no one remember anyone's name. Or I didn't. I just knew someone was Karin and Fuyuka was Egg and super cute and I loved Fuyuka back then and nowadays.

I like this photo, the little shoots were taken after Egg concert by Tsunku. There weren't any video footages of Eggs and they were only back-dancers. Poor girls. That's way Kanojo ni Naritai!!! was huge thing back then.

But who are these girls and what do they do now? I made a photo with as current photos as possible, wrote their names and what has happened to them.
Oh, and they're now Hello Pro Kenshuuseis. No Eggs anymore.

5. Dream Morning Musume and Pachinko
I have to admit - I have no idea how long this thing was alive but Tsunku seemed to be serious with this... thing.
Pachinko is Japanese game where you push the buttons and here DoriMusu version you can get a chance to see e.g. The Matenrou Show ver. 0 if you get right points.
Yeah uhm they had real place where to play these Pachinko-machines.

UFP made this around September 2012 so I'm curious - is there anymore these DoriMusu Pachinkos?

6. S/mileage had their miniskirt thing
Ah, I have to say I miss this. Current S/mileage seems to be too loli for wotas so people don't like S/mileage anymore. Of course S/mileage has their own fans and people who like Hello!Project overall, but I've seen so much hate-talk in the internet about S/mileage by other idol-fans (2ch) who like idols but somehow S/mileage is... no-no. And yes, I understand them. It's weird if someone gets to know that you'r oshi is Kanon Fukuda who is at first sexy and then loli. For example.

I don't want to bash S/mileage or anything, but imo UFP should just decide are they cool girl group or cute group or something else.

7. Suugaku Joshi Gakuen
Ah, I liked the drama. It was fun and great idea though the most of girls didn't get cool roles. I mean, 10th gen, S/mileage 2nd gen (expect Meimi) and umm Aika. Did Aika have any role there? I don't remember lol.

UFP should do new season of this show. Or new one.
8. Morning Musume truck

Haha, I remember when this came on sale and ppl were like "WTF IS THAT". I'm glad UFP doesn't sell this kind of weird goods anymore.

9. Do had twintails
She was so small and loli back then. ok she is loli atm too but she isn't that small anymore. She is even taller than Ayumi!

Oh gosh I love that gif. So cute.

But wait, I have one more twintail-Do here!

10. Maachan was able to fell asleep anywhere
This doesn't need any words.
Actually I have no idea if she does this nowadays too. Maybe she drinks Redbull as Reina drinks to not to fall asleep in public? 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My first random pin ups (GETS, GETS EVERYWHERE)

So, I got my first random pin ups EVER. I've been watching for them for a while but never ordered before. Now I wanted to test my luck and I ordered 3 of them. One pin up is 500 yen, so together all of these were 1,500 yen plus taxes and shipping.

I ordered these -as well as I usual order my goods- from U/F Online where my friend used to do group-orders. Now we all have to buy goods from e-lineup which ships also overseas. Good job, UFP!

However, I liked these. I'll order more random ones in the future for sure.

I opened these in the bus and first girl I got was Riho. She is pretty and I like it how these photos aren't photoshopped or anything. Or I suppose these arent, they look super natural here. Well, even I like Riho (she is my fav Qki), I might sell this.

Then I opened the 2nd one - still in the bus - and I got Risako. It was nice surprise! She looks real woman and I didn't get any weird looks from other ppl  o\ The situation would have been different if I got someone who looks like 12-year-old like Karin haha.

I decided to open the last one when I was back in home and I'm glad I did like that. I got Akari Uemura. And she is my 3rd from H!P right now (1st - Maa, 2nd - Nakky) and oh gosh I fangirled. Uelegs!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Goods, Goods everywhere! (GETs)

My friend ノーラ came back from Japan where she spent her year as an exchange student. It was so weird at first when she flied there - it took like one month to realise that I can't call her and ask if she liked to come out. And now when she is back, I still don't realise that either haha. Every time I see new H!P poster or CM in the internet, I almost send her a message like "hey is there MM14 posters in Osaka?" before I remember that she is back in Finland now.

I've seen with ノーラ a several weeks ago, before my exam-week (which is, as the name can say, a week where there is an exam for every single day. In my school it's usually from Wednesday to Wednesday.) so please forgive meow and my short memory orz

However, ノーラ was so kind and gave me souvenirs ;__; ♥ Thank you so much! Pockys, cute towel and because she knows I'm H!P fan, she gave me these~
Uwa~! Thank you! I don't know if you knew that I've been  almost buying 4th Ikimasshoi since 2010 but I haven't ever buy it (because H!P releases something too epic -> I order the new release lol).

I haven't listened Tanjou 10nen Kinentai songs since 2010/2011 because when I listened the songs, I thought they were too boring (I prefer rock-songs more) and I didn't even want to give a second chance. Now I gave a chance for Itoshiki Tomo he and ggghhh I love it! The DVD that came with the single (it's the Limited one) includes close up version of the musicvideo so I made an idol-afternoon to watch it. I also watched Koisuru♥Angel♥Heart Single V during idol-afternoon and all what I can say is I love -now graduated- H!P women. Well, who doesn't like beautiful ladys?
CHO Happy Song was absolutely genious idea from Tsunku. At the time it was released I used to listen it but I was more into buying Ongaku Gatas and Morning Musume-stuffs. Haha, shame on me!

It's 3rd time I say this, but Thank You ノーラ berryz much! ♫

~ ~ ~

And, because I like to show my newest goods, I'll introduce my first Kenshuusei-photos! Yay yay!
I'm still huge fan of Fuyuka Kosuga - or not a fan though. Let's say that she is my favourite Kenshuusei and I really enjoy to follow her and watch her growing up (since she is 2-3 months younger than me) and how she is getting better at dancing and singing.

When U/F Online was still alive, I used to check out their goods sometimes and I was surprised when Fuyuka-goods came on stock because she was one of the back-dancers on MoMusu Budokan-concert. Well, I planned to order them when next group-order comes. But then BAM U/F Online listed Kenshuusei-concert-goods. Whoah! I didn't expect that. Before we were only able to get Kenshuusei-goods from concerts if I'm not wrong.

Anyway, U/F Online was selling these 2Ls and I HAD to get them.

But let's start with this cutie-pie ♪ Her name is Hikaru Inoue, also known as Hikarun and she is 19th generation of Kenshuuseis. And she is super-cute.

I fell in love with her when I saw her "awkward-smile" in Oheso no Kunikara Konnichiwa MV. She is only 13-year-old and her birthday is August 20th (her horoscope is Lion as well as mine).
And even she is young and cute, she has powerful voice. And I don't mean something what Kenshuuseis usually have - I mean that level what Meimi Tamura from S/mileage has!
Oh, and she is back-dancer of upcoming Berryz tour. (She is huge Momoko fan)

I'm glad I ordered this set. Hikarun is cute and I really like her. She and Fuyuka are my favourites from Kenshuuseis so I don't regret I spent money (again) for idol-goods haha ♪♪

I have to admit that I don't like these new Kenshuusei-costumes at all. But oh well Fuyuka looks cute in there (as always) and the main point is the girl, not the costume.

Her nickname is Fuuchan (in the set above) but I still prefer to use Fuyuka when I talk about her. Too less people to know who I'm talking about, ya know.

Just hnnhgh look at her smile ;__; ♥ She is perfect and she deserves more promotion after she is back in good condition! (She is sick right now and all I wish is that she is okay. I mean that her illness should end so she could smile again~)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Aural Vampire and Carpe Noctem

RAVEMAN / Total Sound Meister
Wu-CHY / Bass
ヒグチユーヘイ / Guitar
ZEN / Keybord
IZU / Drum

As I've told, I also listen to other j-music outside of Hello!Project and Aural Vampire (
オーラルヴァンパイア) is one of those bands/groups. I'll introctude those non-H!P groups, artists and bands here, so please give a chance for them.

I don't clearly remember when and how I discovered into Aural Vampire, but I think I was looking for something new and their look catched my eye. At least their electric sound and EXO-CHIKA's voice sounded absolutely stunning and I fell in love.

My first song was Shonan Shoku -Cannibal Coast- and back then I just listened in loop Freeeeze!! together with Cannibal Coast. I wanted MORE from this absolutely cool band and I started to search their other songs. Most of the songs I've listened so far are from Zoltank-album and I'm still upset I didn't buy it when e.g. Yesasia were selling it.

In 2011, I suppose, Aural Vampire released their indie-mini album, Kerguelen Vortex.
And let me quote my WOW VERY ENGRISH comment here:
I was very close to cry ;w; This is just so amazing! Today I thought "when I can hear soemthing new from Aural Vampire?" Please, please release this in Europe, in Finland! I will buy this~~ ♪

Uhm. I know, I know. Engrish. But if I translated that, It would be that I was fangirling because I didn't expect anything from Aural Vampire back then. And then BAM they released this.

The year 2012 was also the year when Morning Musume Reborn/Colorful era started but it was the year when Aural Vampire released their 1st major(?) single, SOLOWEEN. I prefer more their dark and mystic side so SOLOWEEN was literally eargasm for me.
I ordered the single in December and I swear, I've never got so huge "AHHH MY EARS"-feeling. Never! It's one of my favourite releases ever (of course after hANGRY&ANGRY-f and ABCHO haha) because even the single doesn't contain DVD, the music is so hhhhhhnnnngggghh. My feelings are hard to explain. But if you got the chance to buy SOLOWEEN-single, buy it. The b-side ハロウィンジルバ (something Halloween....) is imo the best track and c-song Back to Halloween isn't bad either.

After SOLOWEEN, Aural Vampire didn't release anything. There were now also drummer, bassist, guitarist and keybords, not only EXO-CHIKA and RAVEMAN. In the end of 2013 EXO-CHIKA started to tweet more photos and tada~h: the name of new album was here.

RAZORS ON BACKSTREET-album will be released 7th March 2014.

Compare to Razors on Backstreet, SOLOWEEN and Kerguelen Vortex, there is now only Raveman in the cover. Before RoB, EXO-CHIKA has been the cover-lady.
Keguelen Vortex
Razors on Backstreet

Few days before I wrote this blog-text, Aural Vampire released the MV for first song from Razors of Backstreet. It's called Carpe Noctem (カルペノクテム) and it sounds THIS:

And I love it. It has bit more rythm than their releases before and especially the band behind Exo-Chika is great. I also like it how only Exo-Chika shows her face.

The whole packet is absolutely GREAT. Exo-Chika's different voice, the band, Raveman's electric sounds, tempo, how the melody goes etc etc etc! Gah, I love this. I can listen it again and again and again.

Please listen Carpe Noctem. Please give a chance for Aural Vampire. It might be one of your favourite bands at someday.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Maji Desu ka? Ska! cosplay [Yukicon 2014]
It's been awhile I've spoken anything about cosplay. Well, I should share some photos of my hANGRY-cosplay but lol I think this is more interesting :P

Maji Desu ka? Ska! concert version-cosplay, tada~h! I have no idea how I suddenly started to do this costume but I think it went like this:

  • I realised that I still have similar hair with Ai-chan when she had blond, short hair.
  • I asked if anyone was interested to do Maji Desu-costume with me and wear it to Finnish con Yukicon.
  • Vilma wanted to do Gaki and she was the only one who was coming Yukicon.

Actually the costume is easier than I thought at the first time. And, well, I literally bought most of stuff from shops. For example I just dyed that red jacket (it was light pink before) and added those stars. I painted the t-shirt even originally it looked like this:
Of course I can't look 100% like Ai-chan but I'd say I was close enough. I'm not sure if I bought a wig next time. I don't like wigs so much, they feel uncormotable.

We danced our freestyle version of Maji Desu dance and uhm I can imagine how weird it looked o\ We both didn't have enough time to learn it - and not to mention those kicks what I wasn't able to learn in home. I would have kicked my computer so nope I didn't even try.

BUT! What do you think - do we look like Risa and Ai?